How do we regard Gaudi?

Millions of tourists visit Gaudi’s masterpieces every year. The genius architect is one the main attractions in Barcelona, and he is internationally acclaimed – but how do Catalans regard Gaudi?

His contemporary society respected him highly. There were already some haters around, of course – but when he died there was a big funeral with high honors and thousands of assistants. I will speak more about Gaudi’s death on YouTube very soon.
However, during our Fascist regime, Gaudi and Modernism became old-fashioned. Only scholars had him in account as one of the greatest architects ever. In general, society perceived Gaudi as some crazy fellow that never finished what he started.
But the American writer George R Collins issued a book on ‘Antoni Gaudi’ (1960), and many of Gaudi’s works became UN’s World Heritage in 1984. The Olympic Games of 1992 put Barcelona into the map, thus Gaudi came back into the picture.
We do not really know much about Gaudi, and in general we do not entirely understand his personality, so he appears to be kind of mysterious – but nowadays Gaudi is considered to be one of our greatest artists ever.

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