Why are the licensed guides of Barcelona (and Catalonia) so professional

Many times during the season I hear comments such as ‘you’re the best guide I’ve ever had’ or ‘the guides in other cities I visited doing Europe weren’t as good as you are’. I am aware that my colleagues also hear such flattering compliments. ‘Why guides in Barcelona are so good?’

In general your licensed guide has a University degree and passed a very demanding exam. Inevitably, licensed guides in Barcelona are either deeply rooted or very attached to this city, since the requirements to become a guide are so exigent and the process is so long.
Moreover, we foster cohesion, staying constantly in touch through social media – especially via Facebook and WhatsApp, and share news, courses, new books, and such issues.
We conform two associations, that also bind us together and promote meetings, courses, conferences, master classes… all in all, constant upgrading. There are other associations that promote this, as well as museums and faculties, but the first two represent us institutionally.
Our knowledge and techniques are constantly shared and exchanged, and that unifies and implements our performance. We are based in a systematized collaboration.
That is why if you hire a guide in Barcelona you are probably hiring one of the best guides in Europe.

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